Staffa 8 (Cave wall) –
Acrylic on canvas – 40 x 60 cm

My work explores abstractions from landscape and place, strongly influenced by a wide range of 20th and 21st century art, music and writing. It draws from the resonance of experiences, conversations and personal reflection. It is set within time, a feeling of the day passing in the moment. And it is set within place, exploring the boundaries and accommodations between human culture and the natural world.

The relationships between people, place and music are a great inspiration. I am trying to catch on to a fleeting visual representation of time and cycle in wilderness, rural and urban settings, and the edges between them.

In doing so I explore the interrelationship of what has passed and what is anticipated. I look for the trace of underlying rhythm, pulse, chord and resonance, interpreted through changing combinations of abstracted, exploratory line and colour. Like music, my work is not a direct representation or tracing of what is there. It is a prompt to pause, interrupt life’s headlong rush, reflect and see what can be learnt next. 

Photo portrait of Daniel Goodwin by Richard Vize
Photo: Richard Vize

Colin Pink wrote a great piece for my May 2017 exhibition, Journey so far.

I am very happy to discuss exhibitions and commissions  and I am also looking to collaborate with others in future group shows.

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