The resonance of experiences, places, conversations, personal reflection and responses to literature and music are the foundation of my practice. It has its roots in 20th century modernism and is increasingly inspired by Northern European abstract art.

With drawing as its foundation, my work combines various combinations of acrylic, watercolour, relief printing, ink and more recently a return to photography and explorations of multi-media possibilities. My practice sits in the liminal space between figuration, abstraction, documentation and artefact.

I am interested in the nature of place and cycles in time. Those places where we might stop, reflect or dwell; and those that are in some way bridges or portals and are metaphors for transition from one state to another. My responses to music and literature are linked to these themes. They are a visual proposition for increased human connection to people around us, and greater understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the world.

My work is almost always produced in dialogue, which opens new creative avenues and helps me to refine my language. I have produced work in collaboration with the poet Colin Pink and the artist/weaver/designer Fiona Sperryn.

I welcome discussions about exhibitions, residencies, collaborations, commissions, and other opportunities. Contact form HERE.